Music of the Day 2….


In this morning’s installment of music that’s currently tickling it’s way around my ear canal (that sounded… way better in my head), we have American Aquarium and their just-released second single “Man I’m Supposed To Be”. Off of their upcoming February LP “Wolves”, “Man” follows up the rollicking alt-country rock of the title track with a much more subdued, pedal steel-filled warmth that comes off as a real soul stirrer of a song.

American Aquarium has always managed to thrive behind a mixture of whiskey sours, sharp edged guitars and lead man BJ Barham’s steel-eyed sad bastardly vocal rasp. Much of the same still exists in the landscape of this song, but it goes down sweet instead of bitter as more of a… realistic love song if you will. Barham sings of the people he’ll never quite be (“got the heart but no technique”), yet acknowledges what he feels he is as a singer (“never first never last just somewhere in between”). The clincher line of ” just as long as you call me your man… that’s the only man I ever wanna be” really sends “Man I’m Supposed To Be” home as not only as great music, but something that’s honestly relatable too.

It gives me those little shivers of musical fission every time, and I hope it does the same for you. Listen below:


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