Music of the Day….

So for 2015, I figured I should get my WordPress page out of mothballs and do something a bit more regular musically to possibly draw in some traffic. So I thought, why not post a little bit each day or every other about a music moment that was so good, I just had to pass it on?

For today that choice comes in the form of jack of all trades Butch Walker and his stop into the Relix Magazine offices from December 31st. Walker has done a lot in his career, from producing the likes of Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne to being a productive singer-songwriter/musician since the late 80’s, but it’s his latest solo album “Afraid of Ghosts” that might just draw Butch’s greatest acclaim to date.

With prolific musician Ryan Adams at the helm to produce, the two mesh style and substance beautifully into a rustically moody, Nebraska-inflected veneer. Take that even further by stripping these two songs down to their acoustic roots, and the vulnerable bare bones of Walker’s brilliant songwriting become even more visible. So sit back for a bit, and enjoy the following:

Butch Walker “Chrissie Hynde” and “Father’s Day”


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